About Us

About Us

Over the years Kalypso Houses, turning to Theros Houses has developed into a destination ideal for large families and groups of friends who wish to enjoy the tranquility of the gardens, cool off in the pool and sea and savour the culinary delights of the island under starry skies.

For the morning lovers,a secret charming moment, the sunrise from the blue sea, just over Anafi island, the new light in pink , orange and purple iridism.

Guests are now able to make use of the two fully-equipped barbeque grills which have been built in the style of the local architecture. This is why our guests take advantage of the excellent facilities provided to enjoy special dinners and, in certain circumstances, hold wedding receptions. Functions like these can accommodate up to 17 people and can be organized with either the help of a chef or with our assistance.

The Kalypso/Theros Houses, Daphne and Elia are situated near Monolithos Beach, in the charming area of Aghia Paraskevi. From Monolithos Beach, mountains stretch across the sea to meet the eye on the west side of the island. And, Anafi, an adjacent island, is great for a one- day excursion.

Our Daphne and Elia houses are 100 metres from the beach. Vineyards, pistachio trees and olive groves surround the homes and fill the walk to the beach filled with the aroma of pistachios and the Nychteri grape, which is indigenous to Santorini.

We invite you to savour our unspoiled corner of Santorini.  The Kalypso/Theros Ηouses, built in 2009 and renovated in 2017, offer all the amenities of a modern home. They are fully equipped, cool and inviting. Both have their own private swimming pools.

Aromatic herb gardens wind in and around both homes: oregano, basil, mint rosemary, thyme and many more of the aromatic herbs which are so important to our Cycladic cuisine. Make sure to try the white Nychteri wine which pairs so naturally with the Santorini flavours which are in abundance here, and is a crisp white wine available everywhere on the island. Daily maid service makes your stay relaxing and stress free.

The village of Kamari, which is a 30- minutes walk from the Kalypso/Theros houses, has a variety of shops, cafes and an enjoyable nightlife. Bus connections to other destinations on the island are accessible from Kamari as well.

The family tourist office can gladly give you ideas for excursions to the island with a caldera boat or by bus. It will also inform you of cultural events and local festivities so that you can participate in the life of Santorini residents.

Kalypso/Theros houses offer a true vacation that you and your friends and family will always remember and return to summer after summer.